Leicester Socialist Students is a democratic campaigning group. We have played a leading role in the fight against fees and cuts, both locally and nationally, and have worked hard to affirm links between students and the trade union movement. As socialists, we think that the problems faced by students, workers, and all the oppressed, have roots in capitalism. It is with this in mind that we organize across the university campuses, schools, and colleges in Leicester.

We fight for:

  • A fully funded publicly owned and democratically run education system at all level
  • No to all top up and tuition fees
  • For universal free education from nursery to university
  • The introduction of a living grant for all students
  • The writing off of all student debt
  • No to a graduate tax
  • No to the privatisation of education
  • No to city academies and trust schools
  • For fully funded comprehensive schools with decent class sizes
  • Support of struggles of education unions and workers for better conditions and pay
  • No to cuts and closures of courses, departments and facilities
  • Affordable, decent quality housing for students and all sections of society
  • Affordable provision of transport, libraries and other services in education institutions
  • Decent food at decent prices in canteens for students and education workers
  • A campaigning, democratic National Union of Students
  • The fight against cuts and closures to be co-ordinated nationally by fighting student unions
  • No to low pay: raise the minimum wage £10 per hour.
  • For Trade Union rights at work
  • No to sexism, racism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination.
  • Defend democratic rights and civil liberties
  • No to ID cards and police racism
  • For the right to protest and organise politically and at all levels of education
  • For a fully funded National Health Service and no to the privatisation of public services
  • For a new mass party of workers and youth
  • No to war and occupation build a democratic anti war movement in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and beyond
  • No to terror, unity of workers and youth against racism, terrorism and imperialist wars
  • For an end to capitalism and environmental destruction.
  • For a democratic socialist world where major corporations are publicly owned and democratically planned by the working class