Donald Trump’s Useful Idiots

The people of America were overwhelmingly told that Clinton was the only acceptable and experienced enough candidate to become President, despite this, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America. Insane! Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have told you that Clinton was going to become the next President, but time after time Clinton has been part of high-profile scandals – FBI director James Comey sending a letter to congress stating that the Clinton email case would be re-opened was just the latest in the continuing saga of Clinton scandals. Again, up until a few weeks ago, I would have claimed Clinton was going to win, until I considered the utter contempt that most people feel towards the elite – be it politicians, the media, Wall Street, or Walmart – the interest’s politicians like Hillary Clinton serve. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t see Trump as some kind of honest character with good intentions to “Make America Great Again”, but when Trump gives statements like “when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do” about buying off politicians, he was being honest in a way that a politician like Clinton never could be. If you find Trump despicable, which he is, just consider those who enable figures like Trump to not only exist but to flourish. Consider Trump’s useful idiots, the “respectful” Liberal newspapers – The New York Times and The Washington Posts’ of the world – who despite their efforts to rally around Hillary, ignoring or slandering any other Presidential rivals, ultimately failed to deliver her the Presidency.

That Clinton isn’t the POTUS really shouldn’t come as a massive surprise – the anger and disillusionment felt following the 2008 worldwide financial crash is considerable, and rightly so. In the past 30 odd years the collective bargaining power of labour has decreased significantly, leading to stagnant wages and decreased job benefits and security. Whilst this has happened the top 10%, 1%, and 0.1% make 9, 38, and 184 times the amount of income that the bottom 90% earn respectively. When it is mentioned that there has been a recovery following the 2008 financial crash, it is clear to see that this has been a recovery for those at the top of society, as opposed to the majority of the population. This is not a sustainable way to gain votes if you’re a politician such as Clinton, who has consistently acted in the interest of those at the top of society, however much backing you gain from the media.

Left Populists such as Bernie Sanders, and to a lesser extent the Green Party candidate Jill Stein, tapped into this discontent but were written off by the establishment’s media apparatus. Sanders campaign called for income redistribution and campaign finance reform – which are clearly both changes which would significantly benefit many people – but as a Harvard study showed, he was given a blackout from the media, with Clinton and Trump gaining significantly more coverage. If it wasn’t media blackout, it was media criticism – with the Wikileaks email leak revealing that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz conspired against Sanders with a complicit media to harm Sanders campaign before the crucial California primary earlier this year. Jill Stein was also met with criticism against her campaign. These are Trump’s useful idiots.

The people of America were overwhelmingly told to vote for Hillary Clinton, especially those who would have voted Democrat had Bernie Sanders gained the candidacy. Even Sanders himself appealed to those who were enthused by his campaign to not vote third party when he didn’t gain the Democrat candidacy, and especially not Trump. Sanders was also Trump’s useful idiot. A vote for a third-party was a vote for Trump, or so the argument goes. The 2000 election upset in which George Bush became President rather than Al Gore is widely, although incorrectly, blamed on Green Party candidate Ralph Nader – this was the historical precedent that voting third-party was certainly a disaster. The real disaster would have been that growth in third parties would represent the contempt towards both the Democrats and Republicans, also the resentment at what these two parties represent, which in reality isn’t all that different, and has been this way for a great length of time. Despite people voting Clinton as opposed to third party, Trump is still President. Again, these are Trump’s useful idiots.

Going Forward

Do not fear, the purpose of this piece wasn’t just to bash Clinton and co., I dislike Trump just as much. The unpopularity of both Clinton and Trump is resonated in a poll taken before the election, with Clinton and Trump being the most unpopular Presidential candidates in 30 years. The main target of criticism now must be Trump, and if his campaign is anything to go by there will certainly be a lot to oppose him and his administration on. It is widely acknowledged that Trump’s campaign showed an utter contempt towards people of colour, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants, and women. Trump’s demagoguery was plain to see.

It must also be considered that the Republicans now have considerable strength – with control of the executive, congress, and the supreme court. Trump potentially has considerable amounts of power to go forward with what he proposed during his campaign. In Trump’s rare lucid moment’s, he suggested changes which would be positive if practiced – somebody needs to “drain the swamp” of corporate lobbyists and Wall Street executives, but it is clear to see from Trump’s transition team he isn’t going to practice what he preached.

It seems that as President-elect, Trump will bring racial profiling of immigrants from the Middle East, mass deportation of a number of people, whilst constructing some kind of wall between Mexico and the US. An all-out offensive on the environment looks set to be on the card too, with Myron Ebell, climate change denier and director of Competitive Enterprise Institute – a group which has support from those in the coal industry. This isn’t what is needed when the Earth’s temperature is at an all-time high. Finally, attacks on civil liberties are equally likely – which is worrying because marriage equality, choice in regards to abortion, and the right to protest are liberties which no authority should be able to decide on if people have these liberties or not.

If you want to see those set to benefit from the Trump Presidency, just take a look at the markets that have soared following his election. Stocks and shares in private prisons, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, and coal, as well as defense-related industries have all soared massively. It is quite clear to see big corporations are going to do well – for them, it is business as usual.

One potential positive of Trump’s Presidency should he stick to it is infrastructure spending. Not only could this replace dilapidated infrastructure through parts of the country, it would also increase employment significantly. Trump is seemingly not bothered about a huge budget deficit, especially considering his vow to decrease taxes, which if history is anything to go only leads to the rich getting richer. Again, for them, it is business as usual.

Both parties clearly don’t consider the interests of the people of America as important to them. The next four years will show what Trump’s presidency brings, but now is certainly the time to look for alternatives outside of electoral politics, focussing on the grass-roots and building up actual alternatives, rather than electing a capitalist in the guise of an outsider, vowing to “Make America Great Again”.

By Callum Mackenzie

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