Owen Jones Now Supporting Hillary Clinton

Owen Jones has demonstrated once again how little understanding he has of the social and political forces currently at work by calling for Sanders supporters to rally behind Hillary Clinton. He writes:

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of Sanders’ supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton, despite a media focus on those pledging to do otherwise. Yes, his most zealous supporters refuse to distinguish between Clinton and Donald Trump. There is nothing radical about failing to take a stand on a far-right racist demagogue sweeping to power in what remains the world’s most powerful nation.

This is in spite of the fact that the rise of Trump is directly tied to decades of successive neoliberal regimes, of which Clinton is widely seen as one of the main representatives.

Calling for people to vote for Clinton is like calling for people to vote for the status-quo, which currently provides only war, austerity, and human suffering!

Society, particularly in the US, is polarizing right now, and this provides probably the best opportunity in history to break with the two party system. Since Sanders has capitulated to the demands of the (un)Democratic Party, this means that the best course of action is now to provide critical support for Jill Stein from the Greens.

This is the position of Socialist Alternative—the Socialist Party’s sister organization in the US.

People are looking for answers, and if the left fails to provide them then the right will fill the vacuum.

By Tom Barker


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